Hensinger P*, Wilke I.
* Diagnose-Funk e.V.
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umwelt · medizin · gesellschaft | 29 | 3/2016
Published: 01.03.2016
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Wireless communication technologies: New study findings confirm risks of nonionizing radiation.

Original Abstract

Digital mobile devices emit nonionizing radiation. The risks of electromagnetic fields (EMF) to human health have been known from medical and military research since the 1950s. This article documents the latest study findings regarding the endpoints of genotoxicity, fertility, blood-brain barrier, cardiac functions, cognition, and behavior. A verified mechanism of damage is oxidative cell stress. New hypotheses of additional mechanisms of action will also be presented. Users are only insufficiently informed about the risks of wireless communication technologies; prevention policies are not introduced. The uncertainties regarding the risks among the public are not due to unclear research findings, but to the industry’s controlling influence over politics and the media. 


electromagnetic fields | mobile communications | digital media | oxidative cell stress | free radicals | mechanisms of action | combination effects


Mobile Internet / WLAN, Wi-Fi
Cordless phones, DECT
Mobile (cellular) phones