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Wi-Fi as a Very Substantial Threat to Human Health.

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Wi-Fi May Be Particularly Damaging to Young People:  

Most arguments that have been made that microwave frequency EMFs may be much more damaging to young children have centered on the much smaller skulls and skull thickness in young children, increasing the exposure of their brains to EMFs. 

However here a second such argument to be made. EMFs have been shown to be particularly active in producing effects on embryonic stem cells  [28, 30-40]. Because such stem cells are much more common in children, with stem cell densities the highest in the fetus and decreasing with increasing age [30,31], impacts on young children are likely to be much higher than in adults. 

The decreased DNA repair and increased DNA damage following EMF exposure strongly suggest that young children may be increasingly susceptible to cancer following such exposures [30-34].  EMF action on stem cells may also cause young children to be particularly susceptible to disruption of brain development [32-36]. 

These are both very problematic issues and we cannot rule out the possibility that there are other problematic issues as well.  Redmayne and Johansson [41] reviewed the literature showing that there are agerelated effects, such that young people are more sensitive to EMF effects. 

It follows from these various findings that the placement of Wi-Fi into schools around the country may well be a high level threat the health of our children as well being a threat to teachers and any fetuses teachers may be carrying, as well.   


  1. 19 studies have each shown health effects of Wi-Fi, most of which have also been shown to occur in response to low intensity exposures to other types of microwave frequency EMFs.  These are likely to have massive health effects by producing male infertility (female infertility has not been studied in response to Wi-Fi), oxidative stress (involved in dozens of human diseases), cellular DNA damage (possibly leading to both cancer and mutations in future generations), life threatening cardiac effects, cellular apoptosis and also intracellular calcium overload (with both of these possibly leading to neurodegenerative diseases), various neuropsychiatric changes and many hormonal changes.  The high level sensitivity of stem cells to such EMFs may put children, particularly young children at special risk of Wi-Fi exposure.  It follows that placing Wi-Fi in schools may well be especially damaging. 
  2. The FCC has been shown, in a detailed Harvard’s University report, to be a “Captured Agency”, captured by the industry that it is supposed to be regulating.   This provides an additional reason to be very highly skeptical about all FCC safety guidelines. 
  3. The EMF safety guidelines supported by the FCC and others assume that only heating need be of concern.  These assumptions have been known to be false for over 40 years and there is a scientific consensus on this, that has lead to the 2015 Appeal by 220 highly qualified international scientist to the UN stating that current safety guidelines are inadequate because they do not take into consideration non-thermal effects of EMFs. 
  4. The voltage sensor of the VGCCs, the main target of EMFs in the cells of our bodies, is stunningly sensitive to such low intensity EMFs, about 7.2 million times more sensitive than are singly charged groups elsewhere in our cells.   The consequences of this is that safety guidelines allow exposures that are approximately 7.2 million times too high.
  5. We know now that low intensity non-thermal exposures work via VGCC activation and that indirect effects of such VGCC activations can produce each of the health effects that have been widely reported to occur in response to such EMF exposures for something like 60 years. Low intensity EMFs attack: a. Our health b. Our brain function c. The integrity of our genomes d. Our ability to produce healthy offspring
  6. It is essential that Wi-Fi and other devices that expose us to microwave frequency EMFs be tested biologically for safety. Assuring people of safety based on a theory that has been known to be wrong for over 40 years, as industry currently does, is completely unacceptable.